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Liberate is a social change organisation working from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala State, in India.
We work with the marginalised, mainly the disabled, to improve their quality of life.
To start with, we would like to address the urgent concerns of the disabled in our own vicinity. We want to see a disable friendly Thiruvananthapuram City. Better attitudes towards the disabled, better accessibility, and better employability are some of the targets.
Our philosophy is that the disabled can overcome their limitations and can lead the society. Disability can be chance, a possibility for greater achievements and for creativity.
It is true that we as humans have undergone great transformation in accepting the disabled, in the past several centuries. We have travelled from the practice of killing newborns who are disabled. At least in the advanced, civilised parts of the world, the disabled are an integral part of the society.
However, some societies are yet to completely abandon the misbelieves towards the disabled. Liberate will try to help this and will help them to develop a positive attitude towards the disabled. As we are based in Thiruvananthapuram City, we will start our attempts from here.